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February 1, 2012: LMT in Sky & Telescope

The LMT is part of the cover story on the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) in the February 2012 issue of Sky & Telescope magazine. (more)

August 15, 2011: Dr. David H. Hughes is appointed as the new LMT Director

Dr. David H. Hughes has been appointed as the new LMT Director. (more)

August 5, 2011: Dr. Alfonso Serrano Perez-Grovas, Director of the LMT since 2003

Dr. Alfonso Serrano Perez-Grovas, LMT Director since 2003 passed away on July 12, 2011, after a brief illness. (more)

August 1, 2011: First AzTEC/LMT 1.1mm Image of Serpens-South Star Forming Region

The AzTEC 1.1mm camera mounted on the LMT has produced the image of the core of the extremely young embedded stellar cluster, Serpens South, for its first light. (more)

June 17, 2011: Successful First Light Observations of Galaxies Near and Far

Astronomers at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and Mexico's Instituto Nacional de Astrofisica, Optica y Electronica announced today that the LMT has collected its first light spectrum from a distant galaxy. (more)

February 10, 2011: Galaxies Far, Far Away

UMass Amherst astronomers Grant Wilson and Min Yun are part of an international team that has detected one of the earliest "protoclusters" of galaxies ever identified, located about 12.5 billion light years from Earth. (more)

May 7, 2009:

Massive cosmic structure seen only 2 billion years after the Big Bang is mapped by Aztec Camera (more)

July 20, 2008:

The 12 GHz holography system was successfully installed at the prime focus during the week of 14-20, 2008. First holography maps of the 32-m diameter inner three rings were obtained successfully immediately following the installation. (more)

May 15, 2008:

Successful mechanical and electrical drive-system tests are conducted, in preparation for the installation of the 12 GHz holography receiver at the prime focus. (more)

May 15, 2008:

The installation of the surface panels for the inner three rings is completed, and they are ready for the next phase of adjustments using radio frequency holography. (more)

November 22, 2006:

President Vicente Fox inaugurates the LMT in front of the international media. He signs the first light cross-scan trace of a distant radio galaxy Cyguns A. (more) telescope with President Fox

Elevation gear and drive system installation has started (more)

December 15, 2005:

The tetrapod lift is completed (more) telescope with tetrapod in place

November 19, 2005:

The full antenna reflector is lifted into position (more) telescope with reflector in place

November 8, 2005 :

The assembled first stage reflector back-up structure weighing 500 ton is lift onto the alidate. (more)