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Decadal Review 2010-2020 White Papers

Selected National Academies Astronomy Decadal Review 2010-2020 White Papers

    1. The Molecular Universe: From the Diffuse ISM to Planetary Systems (by D. Lis et al.)
    2. Fragmentation in Molecular Clouds and the Origin of the Stellar Initial Mass Function (by J. Carpenter et al.)
    3. Searching for the Secrets of Massive Star Birth (by J. Bally et al.)
    4. Astrochemistry in Galaxies of the Local Universe (by D. Meier et al.)
    5. Imaging an Event Horizon: submm-VLBI of a Super Massive Black Hole (by S. Doeleman et al.)
    6. Estimation of the Hubble Constant and Constraint on Descriptions of Dark Energy (by L. Greenhill et al.)
    7. Cosmology with Water-vapor Megamasers (by J. Braatz et al.)
    8. Calibrating Galaxy Clusters as a Tool for Cosmology via Studies of the Intracluster Medium (by S. Golwala et al.)
    9. Understanding the State of the Intracluster Medium in Galaxy Clusters (by S. Golwala et al.)
    10. How do Galaxies Accrete Gas and Form Stars? (by M. Putman et al.)
    11. The Formation and Evolution of the Cold Gas Component and the Baryonic Mass Build-up History in Galaxies (by M. Yun et al.)
    12. A Complete View of Galaxy Evolution: Panchromatic Luminosity Functions and the Generation of Metals (by A. Blain et al.)
    13. Imaging the Cool Gas, Dust, Star Formation, and AGN in the First Galaxies (by C. Carilli et al.)
    14. The Quest for a Physical Understanding of Galaxies Across the Cosmic Time (by M. Giavalisco et al.)
    15. Observing the Evolution of the Universe (by L. Page et al.)
    1. The Exploration of the Unknown (by K. Kellermann et al.)
    2. The Next Decade in Astrochemistry: An Integrated Approach (by L. Ziuys et al.)
    3. Dust Enshrouded Star and Planet Formation (by L. Mundy et al.)
    4. Understanding Mass-Loss and the Late Evolution of Intermediate Mass Stars: Jets, Disks, Binarity, Dust, and Magnetic Fields (by R. Sahai et al.)
    5. Debris Disks: Signposts to Planetary Systems (by W. Holland et al.)
    6. Explorations of the Massive Molecular Reservoir at the Galactic Center (by M. Morris et al.)
    7. Nearby Galaxies: Templates for Galaxies Across Cosmic Time (by F. Lockman et al.)
    8. Lifecycle of Dust in Galaxies (by K. Gordon et al.)
    9. Probing Fundamental Constant Evolution with Astronomical Spectroscopy (by N. Kanekar)
    10. Star Formation Through Cosmic Time: From Local Galaxies to the Early Universe (by G. Stacey et al.)
    11. Science Frontiers in Galaxy Evolution: Deep-Wide Surveys (by H. Ferguson et al.)
    12. Active Galaxies and Quasars, 2010-2020 (by M. Elvis et al.)
    13. The Growth of Super-massive Black Holes Across Cosmic time (by K. Nandra et al.)
    14. Lifting the Cosmic Veil on the Co-Evolution of Black Holes and Galaxies: The Role of Far-IR Spectroscopy from Space (by L. Armus et al.)
    15. Galaxy Evolution Studies with Deep, Wide-field, Near-Infrared Surveys (by S. A. Stanford et al.)
    16. Understanding the Astrophysics of Galaxy Evolution: the Role of Spectroscopic Surveys in the Next Decade (by J. Gunn et al.)
    17. Reference Science Case for a MOAO-fed Deployable-IFU IR Spectrograph (MDIRS) on Extremely Large Telescope (ELT): Surveys of Star Formation over Cosmological Timescales (by R. Guzman et al.)
    18. Cosmology from a Redshift Survey of 200 Million Galaxies (by D. Eisenstein et al.)
    19. The Dark Side of Reionization: Probing Cooling in the Early Universe (by P. Appleton et al.)
    20. Galaxy Cluster Astrophysics and Cosmology: Questions and Opportunities for the Coming Decade (by S. Myers et al.)
    21. High Redshift Radio Galaxies: Laboratories for Massive Galaxy and Cluster Formation in the Early Universe (by C. Carilli et al.)
    1. Large Millimeter Telescope (LMT): an "Extremely Large Telescope" Platform for New Instruments and Large Surveys in the ALMA Era (by M. Yun et al.)
    2. University Radio Observatories: Centers for Scientific, Technical, and Educational Innovation for Radio Astronomy (by M. Heyer et al.)
    3. Wide-Field Astronomical Surveys in the Next Decade (by M. Strauss et al.)
    4. The Dynamic Radio Sky: An Opportunity for Discovery (by J. Lazio et al.)
    5. Digital Instrumentation for the Radio Astronomy Community (by A. Parsons et al.)
    6. The Value of Collaborations between National Facilities and Universities for Instrumentation Development Programs (by K. O'Neil et al.)
    7. Funding for Ground-based Observing Data Collection and Analysis (by A. Weinberger)

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